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Penzion Solaris 

Janov nad Nisou 1170

468 11   Czech Republic


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GPS: 50°46'44.651"N, 15°10'18.001"E ;   50.7790731N, 15.1716753E


Doporučujeme: Liberec ubytování, hotely


Pension Solaris - itinerary


Arrival from Jablonec nad Nisou - in Jablonec follow direction indicators for Liberec, then Bedrichov and Janov nad Nisou.

In Janov keep the main road, passing bobsleigh track and pink glass factory on the left. Then the main road starts to climb uphill to a yellow church where is a road narrowing and mirror. Continue according to following instructions 1) or 2):


1) usual way - along the cemetery wall

Just behind the narrowing there are 2 turnings to the right. Take the second one and go slightly uphill along the stone cemetery wall. On the first crossing go straight and on the second crossing you will see the orange building of Pension Solaris. Distance from church to Solaris is 900 m.




2) detour through Bedrichov - sometimes in winter or during snow-melt

If you are not able to go along the cemetery wall, get back to the main road and continue to Bedrichov. In Bedrichov pass a water plant (large building on the right) and on the first crossing turn right towards Josefuv Dul and Hrabetice. Follow this road 2,5 km to Hrabetice. In Hrabetice turn right on the first crossing (by a small chapel), after 100 m there is another crossing where you turn right again and you get to the road called Maly Semerink. Go down approx. 1,2 km and on the second crossing you will see the orange Pension Solaris on the right-hand side.    

See the map of this alternative route "Zimni cesta pres Bedrichov" also in the right column of this page, below the weather forecast.



Penzion Solaris
Janov nad Nisou 1170, 468 11
Jizerské hory
tel. +420 725 114 378
[email protected]

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